Christina Rose


"Christina Rose is perfect..." TWITCH

“…the stunningly beautiful Rose has a beguiling, captivating screen presence…" – NERD REPOSITORY

“Christina Rose is spot on brilliant…" – THE JADED VIEWER

'In the very definition of “breakout performance," the stunningly beautiful Rose draws from her own experiences as a Broadway actress to breathe life into her character.' - THE EXAMINER

'Christina Rose is vivacious as Evey.' - Movies You May Have Missed

'She has a level of talent reminiscent of old school movie stars like Cary Grant when an entertainer was exactly that, entertaining.' - IMDB Review

"Christina Rose knocks out the comedy lines and Facial Expressions as good as a 20 year veteran..." - THE EXAMINER

"Rose dove into the role with both feet flying and really made sure there was something Likable and Cheer Worthy for this main character..."- ROW THREE